Beautiful Endings and September Sunsets

Gwithian sunset, cornwall

You should never go too long without watching a sunset. Watching the sun go down is real life proof that endings can be beautiful too.

sunset at gwithian, cornwall

“Cornwall shuts down in Autumn, don’t you get bored?” My answer always used to be yes but I’ve stopped walking around with my eyes closed. Guess what? Cornwall. Does. Not. Shut. Down. You just need to know where to look to get the most out of being here.

My New Years resolution was to treat living in Cornwall like a 365 day holiday - to be a tourist in my own home county. People pay hundreds to holiday here, yet we’ve got everything right on our doorstep - to be fair, we are insanely lucky. 

On the 265th day of my holiday I went to watch the sunset at Gwithian - a 3 mile long beach located on the North coast of Cornwall. Groups of local people had gathered on the sand dunes to watch the sun go down - the sky catching on fire as the sun hit the horizon. 

sunset at gwithian
gwithian sunset, cornwall

It may sound odd, but it reminded me of a firework display - everyone was sat on the dunes, waiting in anticipation for the big finale. When the sun had disappeared, I could hear a few cheers, and people exchange a few “wow that was amazing” kind of comments, before getting back into their car and heading home for the night. To me, a sunset is the best kind of display - a gentle reminder that some of the best moments in life aren’t planned and just ‘happen’. 

gwithian sunset

“September sunsets - a living proof that endings are beautiful too”.

best place for sunset in cornwall

Summer 2018 was undoubtably the best summer of my life. I can’t help but think that the rest of my life long holiday is going to be a beautiful one - hopefully full of sunsets and special, unexpected moments.