Fistral Beach Hotel & Spa: Revitalise Spa Day

Is there anything better than a full day of relaxation at a spa, prosecco and coastal views? I think not! That’s exactly what the Revitalise Package is all about at Cornwall’s, Fistral Beach and Spa Hotel. We sat back and enjoyed a day of pure relaxation and left with not only a clear mind but also a tummy full of delicious food.


If you’re a regular visitor to this blog then you’ll know I recently started my own business so things have been a little hectic with very little time for self care. A spa day away from my laptop was exactly what I needed and it was so nice to finally spend some quality time with Josh without being a little stress-head. I was super excited about our visit, and it was something that we had been both looking forward to for weeks.

The Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

Our day lived up to expectations, if not even better. Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa is an adult only hotel located on the slightly quieter side of Fistral beach in Newquay. Fistral is one of my favourite beaches in Cornwall because there is ALWAYS something happening - whether it’s a surfing competition, live music in one of the restaurants or a silent disco at the bar, you can always expect a good time.

Fistral Hotel and Spa

We arrived at the hotel for 10am and were shown around the spa. The facilities are spread across 3 floors, with the relaxation and treatment rooms on the second and third. The spa is small yet perfectly intimate and has everything that you could need. Josh and I relaxed in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna followed by a swim in their star lit pool for a few hours before our treatment. With water features built into the side of the pool and a star lit roof, the pool area really does ooze class and serenity.

The Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa
Cornwall Spa Day: The Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

I felt like I had escaped ordinary life (and my laptop!) for the day. The pool is intimate but doesn’t facilitate pool loungers however I prefer their idea of a relaxation room instead. Before our treatment we went to sit in the relaxation room - with a range of herbal teas and magazines to choose from, I sat back in the comfy cushioned loungers and completely CHILLED OUT - something that doesn’t happen very often.

Relaxation room and the fistral spa

As part of the Revitalise Package you have the opportunity to enjoy a 120 minute Gaia therapy treatment. We were suggested the Ocean Gaia ritual; a deeply therapeutic ritual that releases tension and stress bringing the mind and body into harmonious balance. I have to say, the Gaia ritual was the best treatment I’ve ever had (shout out to Leanne, she was fab!) To begin with the body is covered in a Gaia mud mask which is the showered off, the therapist then massages the full body focusing on tense areas. After, a chosen oil is pressed into the body and left to soften the skin. I would recommend this treatment to anyone and I left feeling completely rejuvenated, it was pure bliss! We were kindly gifted some Gaia products and I cannot wait to try them out - purchase yours here.

Cornwall Spa Day, Fistral Hotel
Gaia products used at the fistral beach hote

Despite being SUPER sleepy after our treatments, we decided to head down to the restaurant and bar area for lunch. With the Revitalise Package you also receive a two course lunch and a glass of bubbles. Josh decided to go for a dessert and I opted for the anti-pasti board to start, meaning that we tactfully had 3 smaller courses rather than 2 large.

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa
Anti Pasti board from Fistral Beach Hotel
Cocktails at fistral

With olives, meats, hot bread and salad, the anti pasti was a perfect starter to share. After eyeing up the cocktail menu we decided to treat ourselves and went for a cosmopolitan and a pink gin cocktail. These were added at an additional price but they were so worth it! For mains we both went for the crab and prawn linguine - despite being lunch sizes there was SO much food and I was beyond full upon finishing. I can REALLY eat, so of course there was still room for a chocolate salted caramel cake for dessert.

Crab and prawn linguine at the fistral beach hotel
2 course lunch at Fistral Hotel and Spa

I would definitely recommend checking out the Fistral Hotel restaurant and bar even if you fancy a drink or some food. Both the restaurant and bar are open to non-hotel guests too and is a seriously great hang out spot if you’re looking to escape the Newquay hustle and bustle.

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

Honestly we had such an incredible day at the Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa. It was such a relief to finally sit back, relax and have some time to ourselves and the Revitalise Package allowed us to do JUST THAT. For you gals reading this, Fistral currently has a spa evening (Evening of Serenity) offer on for £60pp, check it out here. Thank you Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa for a wonderful day, we will most definitely be returning in the future!

Fistral Spa Day.jpg

*We were kindly gifted the Revitalise Package which is usually £145pp. All opinions are my own - we had a truly wonderful day!