Rick Stein's Fish, Falmouth: A Summer of Shellfish

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you’ll be fully aware that I can never say no to seafood - especially shellfish. Last week I was invited along to an intimate tasting dinner at Rick Stein’s Fish in Falmouth to sample their new summer shellfish menu. My verdict? Rick Stein’s Fish has got to be up there with the best seafood in Cornwall!

chilli crab, rick stein

Previously I’d been to a number of the Rick Stein restaurants in Cornwall however Rick Stein Falmouth has always been my go-to for a relaxed atmosphere and traditional fish and chips. In addition to their popular fish and chips, the restaurant also has a number of other delicious dishes on offer and to my surprise, a VAST amount of beautiful shellfish. Rick Stein Falmouth has definitely upped their game with faultlessly presented and incredibly flavoursome dishes.


Rick Stein Falmouth celebrates the freshest catch from around the South West cooked to Rick’s tried and tested recipes discovered on his culinary travels. Asian inspired dishes like Indonesian seafood curry, salt and pepper prawns and Thai fish cakes sit alongside whole steamed bream, penne primavera and their 8oz rump steak.

To start with, we were presented with the Rick Stein Falmouth new tasting board which includes padron peppers, chilli prawns, salt cod fritters, Greek salad and calamari (£16.95) - my goodness, the chilli prawns were amazing!

Tasting board at Rick Stein including padron peppers, chilli prawns, salt cod fitters, greek salad and calamari

Soon after, we were spoilt with beautiful Rockefeller Oysters (£3.75 each). Crab and lobster are caught off the shores of Cornwall by local fisherman including Johnny Murt - read their stories here.

Rockefeller Oysters at Rick Stein Falmouth

The rest of the guests and myself were shocked at the amount of beautiful dishes that were delivered for us to sample. Amongst the table was Sea bream fillets with sauce vierge of fennel, spring onion, tomatoes and mint (£19.95), mexican sea bass, red and green salsas with refried beans (£20.95), Cornish chlli crab (£24.95), sourdough & rosemary and garlic focaccia (£3.75) and thin cut chips. The team were aware of my love for lobster thermidor so they cooked one specially in garlic butter for the occasion (£34.95).

Lobster at Rick Stein, Cornwall
sea bass, rick stein

Crab celebration! During June the crab menu includes shangurro crab, gnocchu con granseola, crab linguine and Jack Stein’s Cornish chilli crab dish. The crab celebration is very much for those who love getting gloriously messy!

Cornish chill crab, rick stein falmouth

Celebrate a summer of shellfish at Rick Stein Falmouth! For a relaxed atmosphere, mouth water food and more than your traditional fish and chips.

*I was invited to the tasting dinner complimentary but all opinions are my own - the food at Rick Stein Falmouth is INCREDIBLE.

Rick Stein Fish, Falmouth