The Greenbank Hotel: On Falmouth's Waters Edge

The Greenbank Hotel, Cornwall

The Greenbank Hotel is in perfect position for not only exploring Falmouth, but for sitting back and taking in the breathtaking views of across the harbour.

Located at the top of Falmouth town, and overlooking the harbour, The Greenbank Hotel has always been one Falmouth's top hotels. I was extremely excited about our stay over the November Guy Fawkes Weekend as the last time that I'd been to The Greenbank was for my sixth form prom back in 2013. If I'm completely honest, the flash backs of my 18 year old self strutting around the hotel is pretty blurry, so I was very much looking forward to refreshing my memory in a much more 'adult' manner.

The Greenbank Hotel, Cornwall
The Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth

We were handed the keys for the "Lookout Suite" and were told to head towards the stairs, up the lift, and then hang a left. The first thing that I noticed as I opened the door was the array of rich colours that lept from every corner of the room. Burnt oranges and dark teals were clearly, carefully chosen to bring such an incredible space to life. At a first glance I thought that the Lookout Suite was quite obviously something special, but the more time I spent admiring the room, the more I fell head over heels in love with it.

"In a dream world, it's how I'd picture my future home. I've always wanted to be able to watch the boats, out on the river from bedroom window."

So what was my favourite part of the Lookout suite? Of course the private balcony and the large windows that stretched across the whole length of the suite - now I understand why the suite is called 'Lookout". It's those special moments that makes somewhere rememberable and watching the fireworks from the balcony; wine in hand, light up Falmouth Harbour in vibrant colours was definitely one of those moments. We were lucky to have picked Guy Fawkes weekend for our visit.

I'd imagine that the Lookout Suite would be a perfect place to stay if you were on your honeymoon. One of my friends on Instagram actually messaged me to say that she stayed in the suite for her honeymoon and that she was extremely jealous that we were now there.

The Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth
Hotels in Cornwall, The Greenbank

After lying in the bath for hours, we finally made our way down to the hotels restaurant - The Waters Edge. I've had my eyes on the restaurant as it's got a very good reputation so I was extremely excited to check it out for myself. My expectations were high but they were most certainly met. We chilled out at the bar area for a little while, sipping on cocktails and admiring the view - well, what you could see of it through the November darkness.

The Greenbank Hotel, Cornwall

For anyone looking for a good, romantic 'date night' spot in Cornwall, then The Waters Edge should definitely be on your list. Not only were the staff all extremely welcoming but the food definitely lived up to top standards. To start, I tucked into mackerel and Tom tried out the smoked haddock mussel chowder - oh, did it look AND taste good!

The Greenbank Hotel, restaurant

Seafood linguine is what I chose for my main serving - I can assure you that I have had MANY seafood linguine's in my 24 years on this planet, but this one MAY have been the best one yet. Tom went for the monkfish curry and it looked incredible. We are such foodies (and also pretty fussy) and we will most definitely be heading back soon for another date night.

Falmouth restaurants
falmouth restaurants
the greenbank hotel

There's also the Working Boat which is The Greenbank's very own pub and located right on the waters edge. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the Working Boat, but it's open daily from 10am until late, so we will definitely be paying a visit for a few cheeky pinots and some good, pub grub soon. Dogs are allowed in too which makes me so happy as I love our little four legged friends!

The Working Boat, Falmouth

I spent most of the Sunday morning lying in bed, watching the world go by from the window, coffee in hand. Life has been manic this year, and to sit in bed just for an extra hour, in such a beautiful setting really allowed me to relax and forget about everything else.

Cornwall hotels, the greenbank hotel

So thank you to The Greenbank for making us feel like were living in royalty for the night! We are already planning our return.

The Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth

Things To Do in Falmouth:

  • Gylly Beach Cafe - seasonal menus and themed evenings.

  • Trebah Gardens - for beautiful views and a private beach!

  • Kayaking or SUP at Swanpool or Gylly - when the sun is shining!

  • Pendennis Castle - for a bit of history.

  • Dollys Tearoom - for Instagram fun!

  • The National Maritim Museum - knowledge booster.

  • Explore the neighbouring beaches - Swanpool, Maenporth and Gylly.

  • CLUB I - for sticky floors and uni students (cheap drinks and a promised brilliant night).