The Isles of Scilly: Exploring Tresco

Tresco on the Isles of Scilly is the island of ultimate luxury and sophistication - a subtropical gem.

Tresco, Isles of Scilly

Tresco can only be described as a paradise full of distractions. We had already spent two incredible days on Bryher (see Bryher blog here) and had both fallen madly in love with the island - as we jumped onto the boat to sail over to Tresco, I couldn't help but feel sad to be leaving our special island home for the day.

Tresco, Isles of Scilly
Tresco map, Cornwall

You know what they say; first impressions are everything, and oh boy did Tresco deliver the goods. I'd left my heart on Bryher but now I was completely torn. 

Leah and I had been given paper maps to track our movements around the island - not quite your google maps but then again, it gave us that feel of island life. Who needs mobile phones when you're surrounded by so much natural beauty anyway (apart to fill your memory up with pictures)?

The Island of ultimate luxury and sophistication with a strong community feel. Tresco is the second largest of the islands and a subtropical gem. A holiday on Tresco Island can be anything you want it to be. For those adventurous types like ourselves, chuck on your back pack and borrow a bike to explore the islands secluded beaches and romantic castle ruins. If you're looking for a little more relaxation then treat yourself to a luxury get-away to one of Tresco's top notch accommodation options and a day at the award winner leisure spa, The Flying Boat

Our first stop marked on our itinerary was the world famous Abbey Garden. Pinterest and Instagram are my usual go-to for travel inspiration and during previous research I had come across the gardens a million times - my expectations were high! 

I'm a nightmare when it comes to following a path (in every aspect of life, oops) so the walk to the gardens was a distractive one. Every now and again we would have to divert away from the sign posted path due to spotting a hidden beach or an abandoned building that just NEEDED to be photographed. 

The Isles of Scilly: Exploring Tresco

After running down a few secret paths and climbing over fences, we finally reached the Abbey Gardens. Hand on heart, they are the most incredible gardens that I have EVER visited, and I'm a tough one to please! Think Kew Gardens without the roof.

Tresco Abbey Garden, Isles of Scilly

The 17 acre gardens were established by the nineteenth century. The proximity of the Gulf Stream means mild, frost-free winters that allow sub-tropical plants to thrive. All in all, the tropical garden is home to more than 20,000 species of plants from 80 countries, ranging from Brazil to New Zealand and Burma to South Africa.

Abbey Garden, Isles of Scilly

The 17 acre gardens were established by the nineteenth-century owner of the islands, Augustus Smith, originally as a private garden within the grounds of the home he designed and built. Today, the gardens are open to the public, and good thing that they are because they shouldn't be kept a secret.

Abbey Garden, Tresco

We were on a race against time to beat the tides, so after lunch in the gardens cafe we packed our stuff up and quickly walked back to the beach to catch one of the islands most famous events - Low Tide.

Low Tide event, Isles of Scilly

For two to three hours only, visitors roll up their trouser legs to reach a sandbank between Tresco & Bryher for this ultra mini-food festival that serves up bowls of locally harvested garlic mussels, seafood paella dished directly from a beached fishing boat, Tresco salt beef and Scilly mackerel baps washed down with fabulous gin cocktails and prosecco whilst being serenaded with live music - it's a race against the tides and the community spirit is high, making it an event not to be missed! The nextLow Tideevents will be happening Monday 13th August and Monday 10th September 2018.

Abbey Gardens, tresco, Isles of Scilly

The Nitty Gritty:

If you're planning a trip to the Islands (YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO) then head to www.visitislesofscilly.comfor more information - I promise you won't regret it!

The Abbey Gardens are open every day from 10am to 4pm. Entrance: £15 per person (Concessions: OAPs £13.50, Under 16s £5, Under 5s Free)

*The trip was provided by for promotional purposes but all views are my own.*