Floreat Wine: A New Way of Drinking

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work, at the weekend with friends or just casually with dinner? I certainly do but the after-effects of alcohol are slowly starting to cause me issues in terms of wellbeing and time management. We might love a glass of wine but not so much the splitting headaches and tired feeling in the morning. I’m honoured to introduce Floreat Wines, a botanical wine produced by herbs that has been cleverly designed for not only flavour but therapeutic advantages.

Floreat wines

Anne Marie, the lovely lady behind Floreat wine is a qualified medical herbalist and with the global shift towards more mindful living and consumption, decided to bridge the worlds of wellness and wine together to create something beyond desireable.

Floreat Wines

Pioneering a new category of sophisticated sparkling wines, Floreat contains botanicals with benefits that range from anti-oxidants to cell regeneration for hair, nails and skin, to stress relief. To supplement her own expertise, Anne Marie formed a special development team to help her bring Floreat Wines to life. Fred Hollamby-Jones, a chemist and master tea-blender, focuses on ensuring the herbal constituents are protected during production, while mixologist and sommelier Andrew Mclean works to combine a variety of flavour profiles to create the desired end product.

Floreat Wines

I met Anne Marie over a month ago over a Floreat Wine in her beautiful Grade II-listed Trevella Manor just located outside of Truro, Cornwall’s city. Clearly full of passion, Anne Marie discussed her Floreat journey and taught us about the botanicals and herbs that she chose, picked from over 300. Floreat Wine began at that very kitchen table with the aim of identifying a specific set that would meet her requirements. Floreat’s botanical set offers an appealing and modern flavour profile that simultaneously actions a broad range of desired benefits. Perfectly placed in gold and black packaging, the Floreat glass bottle is something worth a display. With a classy look, the bottle oozes sophistication, perfect as a thoughtful gift for the bold and health conscious woman who loves her fizz.

“Floreat is the result of our tireless pursuit to establish a new way of drinking that optimizes socializing with added benefits to both the mind and body.” - Anne Marie

Sparkling Wine Floreat

Sat in Anne Marie’s kitchen we cheered glasses to a wonderfully desirable product. At just 5.4% ABV Floreat still has delicious sparkling flavour, alongside the health benefits. Recently I made a pact to myself to steer away from drinking too much alcohol - becoming a freelancer one of the main issues I face is time management. My evening routine normally determines how I will feel the following morning. Drinking wine in the evening has recently been a no-go however things have completely changed since being introduced to Floreat. I’m usually fussy with wine but Floreat is honestly a wine that I will continue to drink and I don’t have to worry about that fuzzy feeling the next day. If anything, I feel better for it!

Floreat Wines

Floreat creatively challenges standards to introduce a new, lower alcohol wine that optimizes socializing while unveiling the often-overlooked therapeutic benefits of herbs. Floreat can be purchased at www.floreatwines.com for £26 per bottle.

*This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own. Floreat tastes delicious and has many fantastic benefits. Thank you to my sister Nikita for helping me out with the beautiful photos!