Kernow Alstroemeria: Premium Cornish Flowers

Is there a better way to brighten up a room on a Cornish autumnal evening than some freshly handpicked flowers? Flowers are a way to a woman’s heart and that’s a fact! Choosing where your flowers come from is really important. Kernow Alstroemeria is the glasshouse to your house and the reason to create a smile. Whether you’re a strong independent woman looking to treat herself, a thoughtful friend, or a partner preparing a surprise gift, Kernow Alstroemeria flowers are so much more than your average supermarket bouquet.

Kernow  Alstroemeria

Lanoyce Nurseries situated in the beautiful countryside of the Tamar Valley, was established in 1960 by Alan and Joyce Rickard. Being gardening enthusiasts with a passion for growing the very best premier Alstroemeria, also known as the lily, the flower-farm family-run business has now been open for nearly 40 years and has been passed down the generations (four to be exact!) The fact that their flower stands have previously won gold at Chelsea Flower Show just proves that they are doing something very right.

“My grandfather was one of the first to import it to the UK, he came across the flower at a trade show in Holland. He decided to buy 12 plants and drove them back to Cornwall, his father told him it was an awful idea and would never work in the UK. Guess the rest is history!” - Thomas, grandson of Alan Rickard

cornwall flower delivery

Kernow Alstroemeria is Lanoyce Nurseries sister company that offers a mail-order flower delivery service and has been open since April 2019. Kernow Alstroemeria has a really cutting edge, modern growing process in Cornwall, one that certainly needs to be shouted about!


Alstroemeria flowers are commonly called the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas and are all native to South America although some have become naturalized in the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Madeira and the Canary Islands. Kernow Alstroemeria is the UK’s premier grower of Alstroemeria cut flowers with a glasshouse coverage of 1.5Ha producing 3 million stems annually.

Flowers in Cornwall

Kernow Alstroemeria endeavors to grow the best varieties and expertly grade them by hand to ensure that only the very best stems reach your home. The different technologies used during the growing process has lead Kernow Alstroemeria to be regarded as the best in the UK for growing these types of flowers. Read more about their growing process here.

Kernow Alstermoia

Kernow Alstroemeria offers monthly subscriptions of lilys or one-off beautiful bouquets. I was fortunate to have been sent a premium Alstroemeria box full of gorgeous pink and vibrant yellow lilys. On first impressions, I was completely blown away by the beautiful packaging - carefully placed in white paper the flowers are bound into the cardboard box so they don’t get damaged upon delivery. As I unwrapped the packaging I noticed that there were two cards that contained information about the company, how to care for your Alstroemerias and also recommended arrangements - a lovely thoughtful touch! Even my cat Digby enjoyed the unwrapping process (see picture below.)


The flowers arrived in bud to ensure longevity but after 2 days (plus some water and food) the flowers sprung to life. The pink and yellow flowers instantly brightened up my living room and are still going strong 8 days later - I’ll let the photos do the talking!

Flowers in Cornwall

Kernow Alstroemeria flowers make for the perfect gift and are so much more thoughtful than your average bunch. With Christmas ahead, a subscription is a lovely unique idea to brighten up dark winter nights. If you are looking to subscribe then simply choose your delivery frequency of every two, three or four weeks and your box style – Kernow Alstroemeria will do the rest.

Flowers from Cornwall

Use the code OCTOBER40 for 40% discount off of subscription sign-ups for October, there are also further discounts available when you sign up to the newsletter. Head to the website here.

*Please note that this blog collaboration was a sponsored post however all opinions are my own. I genuinely think that Kernow Alstroemeria flowers are wonderful and make for the perfect gift.