Sea Spray Fistral: Beach Shack Vibes

Cornwall in February is normally rather glum, but this year spring has arrived early and we’ve been blessed with incredible blue skies and warm temperatures. A gentle reminder however, that climate change is of course, very real and that we all do need to continue to do our bit to help our planet.

The girls and I spent the weekend away in Appledore, a small village in Devon. As gorgeous as Devon is, Cornwall will always win, so we decided to leave a little earlier on the Sunday to make our way back to the motherland to enjoy some food in the sunshine. Our weekend had been full of abusing our bodies with wine and pizza so we were all in desperate need for some good nutrients to help banish our guilty consciences.

Sea Spray, Fistral

We all agreed to venture to Newquay as there’s always plenty of eateries to choose from and the beaches are always lively, offering good sociable vibes (and so I could spy on the surfers too). When you’ve got four hungry girls stuck in a traffic jam it’s pretty difficult to get everyone to agree on somewhere to eat, but after a bit of squabbling we decided to try out Sea Spray at Fistral.

Sea Spray, Fistral

In true millennial form, as soon as we walked into Sea Spray we grabbed our phones to take pictures of the chic, beach shack interior and the incredible view over Fistral beach. To begin with we sat on an inside table, but after a few minutes we decided that we couldn’t waste the beautiful weather, and despite it being February by the coast, it wasn’t cold enough to be inside. Sea Spray is a family run bistro and offers a super chilled, beachy atmosphere - and not forgetting, it also allows our little furry friends!

There are a number of bench tables on the balcony outside, but all of the inside tables offer outstanding views too. We jumped at the menus as the HANGRINESS was really kicking in, and after about 0.0258 seconds we had ordered and began refuelling our poor bodies with coffee, fruit fresh smoothies and oh…more alcohol *points finger at Liv*.


I have to say, the food at Sea Spray is delicious and there are options for everyone. From burgers and sandwiches to vegan options and salad bowls there was plenty on the menu to pick from. I went for the grilled chicken and salad wrap, and the girls went for mackeral salad and fishcakes. Sea Spray is that kind of place that you go to when you want a big feed but also don’t want quick and cheap food that someone has thrown together with little care. All of our dishes were nicely presented, and everyone agreed that it all tasted really good too.

Fishcakes, Fistral
Girls at Fistral

Sea Spray is currently closed during the evenings but open for breakfast, cakes and lunch all year round (minus Jan). Throughout the Summer, the bistro also opens for the evening and serves delicious meals and insane sunset views over Fistral beach. We all really enjoyed our afternoon chilling at Sea Spray and the glorious weather was an added bonus. I can imagine that in the summer it gets pretty busy but I can completely understand why!

Anna at Sea Spay, Fistral
Sea Spray.jpg

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